Saturday, August 21, 2010

Want It! : Wishlist =)

i : ELF Studio Blush in Fuchsia Fusion
ii : Silkygirl Lash Maximizer Mascara
iii : Silkygirl French Manicure set
iv : The Face Shop baby pink nail polish
v : More DVDs! (Sonny With A Chance and Wizards of Waverly Place)

LOTD : Glitter Love

My lip of the day today is a happy mix of Eyeko's Strawberry Fat Balm (yummy!) and a little of NYX Glitter Mania Jumbo Pencil in 16 Ceramic.

Swatches :
Eyeko's Strawberry Fat Balm
NYX Glitter Mania Jumbo Pencil in 16 Ceramic


Love : NYX Glitter Mania Jumbo Pencil in 16 Ceramic

Okay, this is something I just bought from NYX Cosmetics.
And I'm not exactly thrilled.
The NYX Glitter Mania Jumbo Pencil is a glitter gel pencil where you can use to glitter-ize your eye make up, shoulders, lips, etc.

Lovely packaging

Expecting this to be highly pigmented with glitter like the famous NYX Jumbo pencils, I was left a little dissapointed that the glitter is a little too little. =(
The texture of the pencil is smooth, and I like it. But what I dislike is the glitter pay-off. Its too little. You have to rub the pencil on your eye many times for more glitter! =/

Here is my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars
I like the packaging! Simple and classy. =)
Texture : 4/5 stars
Pretty smooth. The wax pay-off is A LOT. However, the glitter pay-off is a little.
Glitter : 2/5 stars
Like I have mentioned before, you have to rub the pencil on your eyes/lips/etc for more and more glitter! If you are the type who likes a little pinch of glitter, this is for you!
However if you are like me and like heavy eye glitter make up, then this is NOT for you. ='(
Scent : 4/5 stars
I like the scent. Rather fruity. =)
Price : 2.5/5 stars
Although I bought this for about RM15 (?), its not really worth it as like I said, not glitter-heavy. More of wax heavy.
A little dissapointing don't you think?
Would I repurchase?
No. Sorry.
They are limited edition though. I don't see them anywhere.

More pictures below:

You can get NYX products at
They, like Eyeko and ELF, are not available locally.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Love : Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara

"Long and luscious lashes in one easy squeeze"
Yes, that's what Eyeko's Big Eyes mascara promises your lashes.
And yes, it does.
One cool mascara in one uber-cute tube!
"With vitamins B to promote lash growth"

I've been searching far and wide for this.
They cost £8, which is approximately RM40? (shipping excluded, yet)
For shipping, you have to pay about $7.50. (about RM24.75)
Anyway, I love this mascara! =)

Here is my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars
I LOVE the packaging! Really unique and cute! =)
I also love that we get to use up ALL the mascara product. No money is wasted!
Brush : 4/5 stars
I like the brush. Girls, if you want a good mascara, choose a wand like this. Or the Magic Mascara. Or Silkygirl's Lash Maximizer. Or Benefit's Bad Gal mascara. Lol. Cos that kind of wand works! Do not go for the flat or no-brush wand or whatever. Seriously. That does nothing, except colouring your lashes. From my experience.
Now, this mascara does what it claims. Its more of the lengthening side, not the curling, nor the volumizing.
So yes, I have longer lashes! I was born with short, sad lashes.
For girls who want length, volume, and curl, I'd recommend the Eyeko Magic Mascara. ;D
Waterproof : No
Good news for me! I like the fact that this mascara washes off easily with warm water. =D
Price : 3/5 stars
The price is..okay. But I like the mascara! So its worth it!
Would I repurchase?
With Eyeko Mascara (left) and without (right)

The cool and unique wand. Picture heavy. =)

So that's it!
To purchase, head to and use my ambassador code : E6980 for a free gift with purchases over £10 or $15!