Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blog SALE : Part II

Before you get all whoppee & excited, please read the terms & conditions below :
- This blog sale is open to residents of the UK & Ireland only.
- All items are brand new, unless stated.
- Reason for this blog sale? Ha-ha I'm broke. No seriously. *weeps
- I do NOT accept returns & haggling. Price is already been discounted.
- All items will be sent through Royal Mail Second Class. If you prefer Royal Mail First Class though, an additional £1.50 will be charged.
- I might include surprises (aka sweets & little bits like earrings, glitter putty & all that) for you girls to squeal in madness.

Now let's begin, shall we? ;)

The Body Shop Lip Roll On in Mint

Brand new & unused.
Unfortunately the seal is a little broken, as you can see in the picture above.
£3 including postage.

My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask
Just in case you are not familiar with this brand, My Beauty Diary is a cult brand in Taiwan.
They are famous for their amazing masks.
This strawberry yogurt mask is for normal to oily skin.
I will be doing a review on it soon!
Pssss.. you cannot find this in the UK!
£1.50 inclusive of postage.

Soap & Glory's Slimwear
Brand new, unopened, unused.
£6 inclusive of postage.

Model's Own Nail Polish in Lime Green
Brand new, unopened, unused.
£3.50 inclusive of postage.

Kose Whitening & Moisturising Mask
Brand new.
Kose's a famous beauty brand in Japan.
Not available in the UK from what I know..
£1.80 inclusive of postage.

Maybelline Stay On Lip Color in Pink Spice
This fantastic stay on lip color pretty much stays on my lips like, forever!
Oh, and this one is brand new.
I have two of these in different colours. Selling off this brand new one as I need more money. :(
£3 inclusive of postage.

Revlon 3D Mascara
Remember that ad starring Jessica Alba?
Brand new in packaging.
£5 inclusive of postage.

Sleek Pout Paint in Peek-A-Bloo
This pout paint is amazing - highly pigmented and stuff!
Sadly, I never got to experiment with the blue one.
Suitable for Halloween though! :)
Brand new & unopened.
£3.50 inclusive of postage.

Well, that's about it for now. Keep comin' as I will be updating with more sale items & reviews soon!
Til then! x

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cosmetics SALE! (To be UPDATED)

As I am currently BROKE (yea, sad but true), I will be clearing out my cosmetics for the world to see..and buy!
No worries, all are BRAND NEW and UNUSED (duh?), unless stated.
This sale is only valid for residents in the United Kingdom.
Please email me at or leave a comment below on which item you are interested in and your details. Thank you.
This sale site will be updated from time to time, so do check back often for more!

Eyeko Liptastik in Lip Lover (Shade of RED)
I will be posting a review on this with swatches soon. No worries, this one is BRAND NEW.
I have my own liptastik too!
Reason for selling : Desperate for money. Bought this during one of my bad compulsive shopping days. As said earlier, brand new, unused. I own one of this too, and I'm still in the process of finishing it.
£5 including postage! (Standard Royal Mail)
Eyeko Liptastik in Loudmouth (Bright pink)
Will ALSO be posting reviews and swatches of this soon!
Reasons for selling : See reason above (for Lip Lover)
£5 including postage! (Standard Royal Mail)

Eyeko 3 in 1 Tinted Cream
For a review and more info about this, click here.
Reasons for selling : As this is part of my everyday routine, I bought 4 boxes of these. Crazy I know! Therefore, as I am broke, I am willing to sacrifice two of these for a cheaper price each.
£6 per box INCLUDING postage! (Standard Royal Mail)

There's more soon! =)
Do check my blog from time to time!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Love Haul : Rimmel!

Recently went to a store and got these fabbies!
I seldom use Rimmel products, so it's pretty exciting when it comes to trying out these goodies!
I got two items (as you can see from above). One is a mascara, the other a lipstick.
As summer is out, I'd love to show some tan.
I got the Rimmel 3 looks mascara as well as the Rimmel Moisture Renew Bronze lipstick.
I will be reviewing them sooner than you think!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Love : Lush Bohemian Soap

I bet everyone's heating up this summer!
I know I am!

Recently, I went to a Lush store near my place and did a little shopping. ;)
I bought a few soap bars and some fizzies.
Donkey Oaty and the Blackberry Bath Bombs smell uh-mae-zing!

Today I'd like to review a refreshing soap I bought from Lush.
It's called the Bohemian soap.

Honestly, I was curious on how it'd smell like, as it's not called "Lemony Glaze" or something. It's called "Bohemian" instead, so it's like, what does bohemian even smell like?
I know this is out of hand, but I am a fan of bohemian dressing.
And as summer is here, mind as well smell like what I dress, right? Right? =)

As you can see, I got this for £3.48.

As the soap is sliced, you can see the inside contents of the soap. Prove of the natural ingredients. =D

Okay so here's what I think of the Bohemian soap :
This soap smells exactly like citrus fruits. Lemons, grapefruits, limes, whatever that brings out the tangy citrusy fragrance.
This is my first time using Lush soaps, however, is not my first time when it comes to Lush products. Previously, I had reviewed the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub which I so love. ;)

This soap does not melt easily with water, something I do not like. However, it does lather up a lot. It deeply cleanses my skin, making it feel squeeky clean after baths.

What I love about this soap :
- It smells fresh. Keeps me awake and alive during days where I'm tired or sad.
- It seriously cleanses. This soap is suitable for deep cleansing.
- I love how the citrusy fragrance lingers after the bath.
- As this soap does not melt easily, I can use this soap for a longer period of time.

What I do not like about this soap :
- It does not melt easily. Well, there's a good point and a bad point.
The good point is this soap will last for a longer time as it does not melt easily.
As for the bad point, I need to rub this over my skin over and over again to form lather. However, once doing this, there will be plenty of foam from this soap.
- It isn't moisturizing.
Yep, my skin cracks worst after bathing. I need more lotion. Pronto.

All in all, I love this soap. I will be purchasing this again, as this soap seriously does a good job in washing away all the oil and grime on my skin. However, I shall need to invest in a good body lotion so my skin would not crack.
As for the price, it is reasonable. Price varies from size and weight.

My overall rating : 6.5/10

Well, that's all for now.
To get your Bohemian soap, go on to now. ;)


I Know I've Been Away

How is everybody doing?
I know it's been a long time since I updated.
I've got lots of reviews coming right up.
Hauls as well! =P

"Life is short, but make full use of it as you only got to go through everything ONCE."


Friday, March 25, 2011

Tag : 10 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

Tagged by Christine through her blog.

10 Things That Make Me Happy

10. World Peace
With all the commotion going on, I encourage all you readers to pray for world peace.
First, the Japan earthquake.
Next, Libya.
Now, Myanmar earthquake.

Lets all support world peace, alright?

9. Shopping
This gives me good vibes, and bad vibes as well.
Good vibes - I get pretty clothes
Bad vibes - I get broke

8. Little children
Little children do make me smile.
I bet they make you smile too. =)

7. The beach
I find relaxing at the beach gives me inner peace.
I love hearing the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

6. Travelling
Travelling makes me happy. I like going to places and venture.

5. Food
I'm sure everybody has this in their happy list.

4. Cosmetics
Love love love! <3

3. Him
Someone I love.
He definitely makes me happy.

2. My family
I am proud to have such a wonderful family.
I feel so blessed. =)
God has been really good to me.

1. Spending time with God
Yeah, He gives me inner peace as well besides the beach.
I guess the littlest things make you happy.

I tag : Everyone who sees this! ;D
Have fun!

Love : Eyeko Toffee Fat Balm

I know, its been a long time since I blogged!
I've been busy with pressing schedules and all that.

Today I would like to do a review on my current fave, the Eyeko Toffee Fat Balm! Mmmmm.. ;)
This shade is a little nude and I love it!
The cute little box.
Smooth this onto cheeks for a natural flush. ;)
I've tried this and I look sun-kissed! =)

The ingredients list.

The other side of the lovely box.

I really love the illustrations in any Eyeko packaging.

Here's whats inside :
*points* THE FATBALM!

The delicious (NOT edible) balm.

OK, before the swatches, let me share a little on this balm.
This fat balm is ideal for your lips and cheeks.
I have previously reviewed the Raspberry and Strawberry fat balm, and well, they are all about the same in terms of texture, feel, moisture level, colour pay-off and all that.
These fat balms are very pigmented.
Now, many of you wonder what's the difference between the old and the new fat balm.
Well, the old fat balm does NOT contain SPF, while the new one does. (SPF15)

In terms of colour though, the Strawberry fat balm gives off a reddish tint which is ideal for dates or casual days out with your friends or the boyfriend.
The Raspberry fat balm, on the other hand, to me, is a MLBB shade. (My Lips But Better)
A lot of people said this fat balm is a little too dark for them (?) but I find it just fine.
I am a little tanned for an Asian. ;)
As for the Toffee fat balm, this fat balm does smell like toffees. Reminds me of my childhood days. Its brownish in colour, so this was a little scary for me when I saw this.
However, the moment I applied this, I was satisfied.
Well, this fat balm does make my lips look naturally gorgeous, and is suitable for everyday use.
It gives off a sort of nude shade too, which is perfect when paired with smokey eyes.

For more on my thoughts of this winning beauty product, do view my previous two reviews on the Raspberry and Strawberry fat balm.

Here are the swatches (taken in different lightings) :
Natural light
With flash.

This fat balm retails for RM33 (USD10) at the Eyeko website.
Use my code, E6980 for an extra gift with every USD15 spent!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love : Mini Princess Strawberry Bubble Mask

A special package came for me today and I received this!
Yes, this is one of the products I received; a Mini Princess Strawberry Bubble Mask!
Firstly, I have never heard of this brand Mini Princess. I googled it but couldn't find a Mini Princess website either. If you happen to read this and found the website, leave a comment in my comments box please! :D

So anyway, this friend of mine gave me this mask to try, and man I'm amazed!
I'll bombard you with awesome pictures first before I go to the review. ;)

Sorry, I do not know much Mandrin, despite being Chinese.
I think this is from Japan as it is said at the back of the package. =)

Okay, so here are my thoughts.
When I first saw this, I was like, OMG, this is so cute!
For a tiny 5ml mask, this is adorable!
Packaging : 5/5 stars
Adorable. Pink. Polka dots. Strawberry! =P

Product : 2/5 stars
For a tiny packaging, you get tiny amounts of mask product. That's just sad.

Quality : 5/5 stars
Speaking of bubble mask. I'm sure you have heard of the bubble hair dye from Kao.
This mask, is similar to the bubble hair dye. It is a bubble face mask.
First, you wash your face. After that, apply this mask onto your wet face. You will see foam forming once it is in contact with your face. ;)
Leave for 15 minutes, and rinse off.
Here are step by step pictures :
Mask is applied

Foam! I love foam! ;P

This mask claims to exfoliate, whiten and brighten your face, leaving it feeling smooth.
After applying this mask, I feel my face getting tighter, as if this is a firming mask as well.
My face was slightly bright and my skin; very soft.
I feel really relaxed.

Scent : 5/5 stars
This is amazing! I love the scent so much!
It smells like sweet juicy strawberries! Does not smell artificial at all. ;)

Price : Unknown

My verdict : I love this mask! But I would not recommend this if you are looking for a whitening/brightening mask, as this brightens slightly only. If you want a mask that does serious brightening, go for My Beauty Diary mask.
I recommend this mask to those who want relaxation. I am one!


Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New Wishlist!

Actually, its the same old wishlist. Lol; just better.
As usual,
- I would like to reconcile with someone
- I want some make up goodies
- I want to enter uni as soon as possible
- I want to be happy

And the new ones
- I want to be a good daughter
- I want to be a good girlfriend
- I want a closer relationship with God

The list goes on and on.
Happy New Year everyone!

Love : Eyeko Lilac Polish

Dear Lilac Polish,
When I first saw you, I underestimated you. I thought, like any other lilac polishes I have, you're just one of the typicals. Little did I know, I was wrong.
You're the most beautiful, gorgeous lilac polish I've ever seen.
Oh, and your formulation's one of the best too. Really smooth, really glossy; I love.

Retails at $6, you rule at Eyeko!
My ambassador code is E6980, leave it in the checkout box for a free gift, don't forget!
Til then, thank you, Lilac Polish, for making my nails gorgeous as ever.