Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love : Mini Princess Strawberry Bubble Mask

A special package came for me today and I received this!
Yes, this is one of the products I received; a Mini Princess Strawberry Bubble Mask!
Firstly, I have never heard of this brand Mini Princess. I googled it but couldn't find a Mini Princess website either. If you happen to read this and found the website, leave a comment in my comments box please! :D

So anyway, this friend of mine gave me this mask to try, and man I'm amazed!
I'll bombard you with awesome pictures first before I go to the review. ;)

Sorry, I do not know much Mandrin, despite being Chinese.
I think this is from Japan as it is said at the back of the package. =)

Okay, so here are my thoughts.
When I first saw this, I was like, OMG, this is so cute!
For a tiny 5ml mask, this is adorable!
Packaging : 5/5 stars
Adorable. Pink. Polka dots. Strawberry! =P

Product : 2/5 stars
For a tiny packaging, you get tiny amounts of mask product. That's just sad.

Quality : 5/5 stars
Speaking of bubble mask. I'm sure you have heard of the bubble hair dye from Kao.
This mask, is similar to the bubble hair dye. It is a bubble face mask.
First, you wash your face. After that, apply this mask onto your wet face. You will see foam forming once it is in contact with your face. ;)
Leave for 15 minutes, and rinse off.
Here are step by step pictures :
Mask is applied

Foam! I love foam! ;P

This mask claims to exfoliate, whiten and brighten your face, leaving it feeling smooth.
After applying this mask, I feel my face getting tighter, as if this is a firming mask as well.
My face was slightly bright and my skin; very soft.
I feel really relaxed.

Scent : 5/5 stars
This is amazing! I love the scent so much!
It smells like sweet juicy strawberries! Does not smell artificial at all. ;)

Price : Unknown

My verdict : I love this mask! But I would not recommend this if you are looking for a whitening/brightening mask, as this brightens slightly only. If you want a mask that does serious brightening, go for My Beauty Diary mask.
I recommend this mask to those who want relaxation. I am one!


Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New Wishlist!

Actually, its the same old wishlist. Lol; just better.
As usual,
- I would like to reconcile with someone
- I want some make up goodies
- I want to enter uni as soon as possible
- I want to be happy

And the new ones
- I want to be a good daughter
- I want to be a good girlfriend
- I want a closer relationship with God

The list goes on and on.
Happy New Year everyone!

Love : Eyeko Lilac Polish

Dear Lilac Polish,
When I first saw you, I underestimated you. I thought, like any other lilac polishes I have, you're just one of the typicals. Little did I know, I was wrong.
You're the most beautiful, gorgeous lilac polish I've ever seen.
Oh, and your formulation's one of the best too. Really smooth, really glossy; I love.

Retails at $6, you rule at Eyeko!
My ambassador code is E6980, leave it in the checkout box for a free gift, don't forget!
Til then, thank you, Lilac Polish, for making my nails gorgeous as ever.