Friday, July 30, 2010

A Little Down..

Yes, someone very very dear to me is going off..somewhere.
I feel really down. Seriously down.
Honestly I've never met someone as special as that someone before, and I'm really childish enough to have caused pain to my own self.
I guess sometimes being foolish and proud and selfish, really not only affects yourself, but the people so close and dear to you - the people you really love.
I know as I grow, that someone dear will not dissapear.
In fact, he will never dissapear. Ever.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Love : Silkygirl Moisture Gloss Lipcolor in Pretty Nude

I am a huge fan of Silkygirl!
I own almost everything from their range of products.
They are local (yes, local! Malaysia Boleh!) and affordable!
Best part is, they are kind of high quality too.
(Yes, kind of; as some of their products are not really up to my expectations.)

Silkygirl is a cosmetics company based in Malaysia. They are produced by Alliance cosmetics.
Today I am going to review the Moisture Gloss lipcolors (which I so love!) in Pretty Nude.
I am not really sure of the price as I bought them during a sale at Watsons (2 lipsticks for RM9.90! Cheap or what!), but the last time I checked at Sasa, they are priced at around RM10.90 for one. Its still cheap! Good quality too!

credits :
The packaging is chic.
Swatch of the colour on my hand.

Before I go further by showing you the lip swatches, I would like to say that these lipsticks are amazing in quality! They apply very smoothly and they look pretty glossy too.
I am very satisfied with this lipstick purchase, although a little dissapointed as the colour, Pretty Nude, is not what I would say nude. Its pinkish-orange-nude. So it looks a little bright on my lips.
I thought this is a nude colour (due to its name) and bought it without swatching it on my hands as the tester is nowhere to be found at that particular Watsons outlet.
But I am happy with the quality as it is really smooth and creamy.

So here's my ratings :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
Classy and chic. Its a bronze colour tube.
Colour : 3/5 stars.
It is a lovely colour, but I am dissapointed that its not nude. The name is a little misleading to me. =(
Its very pigmented though.
Quality : 5/5 stars.
Goes on smooth and creamy.
It looks like a gloss except that it has staying power of a lipstick.
It stays on for like 6 hours provided you don't eat anything. The perfect tip for staying power of lipsticks on your lips is to drink your drinks with a straw. Lol.
Like other lipsticks, you can layer this up for a perfect full coverage.
Very moisturising too.
Scent : Fragranced free.
I am okay with any kind of lipstick; scented or non-scented. I dislike the really scented ones though, and those which have that dough or whatever scent. Ugh!
The thing I love about fragranced free products are that when you accidentaly taste them, you don't taste anything. Yay for fragrance-free!
Price : 5/5 stars.
I almost gave this a 6 too!
Very satisfied. I got them for like 2 for RM9.90, which is like 1 for RM4.95? Which is like $1.50 in USD and 1 pound in GBP?!
Really cheap and worth it due to its really good quality!
Would I repurchase : Yes
I would repurchase this colour as although it is not the nude I thought it would be, its still pretty and its perfect for everyday lips.

Overall, I am satisfied!
Here are the lip swatches :
under yellow light

Gorgeous colour, see?
This is one coat without lip balm.


Love : NYX Round Lipstick in Castle

Before purchasing this lipstick, I googled everywhere for reviews and swatches of it.
It looks really pretty on the website, and it is in real life too!
However, being purple, swatches of this colour is not easily obtainable in the web, so I decide to do a swatch of this colour on my lips for you guys to see.
Being new to NYX cosmetics and all, I am satisfied with the quality, judging how I used to think of it being 'cheap'.
These famous NYX round lipsticks are actually comparable to MAC's lipsticks. The quality and all.
So I am actually very happy with my purchase.
To be honest, if you are a Malaysia, a Singaporean or a Brunei resident, you will know this Malaysian brand called Silkygirl by Alliance cosmetics.
Silkygirl has this range of lipsticks called Moisture Gloss lip color. I am a huge fan of this range and I think the quality is almost the same as the NYX round lipsticks. (Keep a lookout for my review on them!)

If you have not heard of NYX, NYX cosmetics are created in the USA. They are what we call a drugstore brand in the USA. NYX is famous for its high quality products at really low prices.

So, the colour Castle is a purple-frost colour. It is a little shimmery too. Reminds me of those pretty Fafi drawings.

I love the simple and classy packaging.
Sorry, but you guys have to tilt your head to the side to view these two pictures. Cos my camera's a little out and I could not rotate the pictures when uploaded in the computer, don't know why.

As you can see, Castle is a really pretty colour. Seriously.
However I doubt its suitable for everyday wear, as it is purple. Unless you are daring enough then that's fine.
This is my first purple lipstick and I like it!
One coat is sheer, and you can put as many coats as you want to build up the colour and texture.

So here's my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
Like I said, simple and classy.
Colour : 4/5 stars.
Its a purple-frost lipstick. Really pretty colour. Highly pigmented if you ask me.
Quality : 5/5 stars.
Goes on really smooth, like lip balms.
Staying power's around 1 hour if you eat something. If your lips are not in contact with anything, then perhaps the colour will stay on your lips for hours, like probably 4-5 hours?
Very moisturising.
Also this lipstick is really creamy, which is a good thing.
Scent : 4/5 stars.
I don't know about you, but I like scented things.
For people who do not like scented products or have sensitive lips, this one's not for you.
They smell a little like roses, which is a good thing.
The bad thing is that when you accidentaly lick your lips, you will be kind of grossed out by the funky taste. It seriously tasted like..perfume? I don't know.
Price : 5/5 stars.
Almost gave 6 stars for this! Lol. This lipstick is really affordable.
You can get them at the range of RM10-RM20 in online shops.
In USD they are priced at $4.00 (approx RM13.20).
Would I repurchase : Maybe (for this colour)
I will definitely purchase this lipstick, but in a different colour.
Cos I think one purple lipstick is enough to last me a year. Yes, its advisable to throw away your cosmetics after they are used for a year, as bacteria may form and their quality may not be as good anymore.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this product!
I am looking forward to purchasing and reviewing more NYX products!

And last but not least, the lip swatch. I am kind of tanned being Asian, so yeah. There you go!

This is like three coats, without lipbalm.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

MAC Alice + Olivia

Okay, so I did not own any cosmetics coming from the MAC Alice + Olivia's line YET.
Was browsing through MAC's website when I saw the line, and I thought;
MAC is definitely one to come up with cool themes and fast-selling limited edition products.
I remember once when I was in a mall with my boyf in 2009.
MAC had that Hello Kitty line, and it was the launch of that line the day we went.
I wanted to get some lip glosses and nail polishes from that line but too bad, did not have the time and the boyf was saying I spent too much. =(
So, I thought, I will come back the next day alone. Without my boyf's knowledge and grab some MAC! Sneaky eh?
Unfortunately, I went two days later, and guess what?
Can you believe that?!
Ugh..nuff' said. Will proceed with the MAC Alice + Olivia range.
The following are in my wishlist. ;)

MAC'S Alice + Olivia.
They look like dolls!

The entire range.
Neat right! Colourful and bright too!
I love the lip gloss, nail polish and pigments!

The nail polish is so pretty. They consist of three colours;
Military - black matte with silver suede pearl
Morning. After - creamy turquoise
So Rich So Pretty (above) - bright purple with pearl
My favourite's got to be Morning. After. Such a gorgeous colour! =)

The lip glosses in this range are bright and bold.
Sparklicious - creamy pale pink white
I.Want.Candy (above) - hot yellow
If it's pink.. - hot pink
My favourite colour is definitely Sparklicious. Might want to buy I.Want.Candy too.

Ahhh, the pigments. Seriously gorgeous. No doubts about that.
If it Sparkles - white with transforming pearl
Later. - black with transforming pearl
Partylicious (above)- turquoise with silver pearl
My favourite? All! ;D

Sadly, I see in the website that they are mainly SOLD OUT.
Don't look at me!
I'm not really a MAC fanatic! I'm starting to be one though. =D
Toodles and love!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Reviews To Come! (UPDATED!)

Ooops for the lack of updates!
Have been busy with life.
Will be reviewing more items soon!
Some of them will be products from :
i. Maybelline
ii. Sasa (nail polishes, face masks, etc.)
iii. My Lip Stuff!
iv. Coloured contacts!
v. ELF!
vi. NYX!
So stay tuned for more!
Funny, usually people will review the first item they state first, right?
Not me! I'm gonna review them starting from NYX! ;)
I'm a new NYX-aholic and I am not afraid to show it!