Friday, July 23, 2010

Love : Silkygirl Moisture Gloss Lipcolor in Pretty Nude

I am a huge fan of Silkygirl!
I own almost everything from their range of products.
They are local (yes, local! Malaysia Boleh!) and affordable!
Best part is, they are kind of high quality too.
(Yes, kind of; as some of their products are not really up to my expectations.)

Silkygirl is a cosmetics company based in Malaysia. They are produced by Alliance cosmetics.
Today I am going to review the Moisture Gloss lipcolors (which I so love!) in Pretty Nude.
I am not really sure of the price as I bought them during a sale at Watsons (2 lipsticks for RM9.90! Cheap or what!), but the last time I checked at Sasa, they are priced at around RM10.90 for one. Its still cheap! Good quality too!

credits :
The packaging is chic.
Swatch of the colour on my hand.

Before I go further by showing you the lip swatches, I would like to say that these lipsticks are amazing in quality! They apply very smoothly and they look pretty glossy too.
I am very satisfied with this lipstick purchase, although a little dissapointed as the colour, Pretty Nude, is not what I would say nude. Its pinkish-orange-nude. So it looks a little bright on my lips.
I thought this is a nude colour (due to its name) and bought it without swatching it on my hands as the tester is nowhere to be found at that particular Watsons outlet.
But I am happy with the quality as it is really smooth and creamy.

So here's my ratings :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
Classy and chic. Its a bronze colour tube.
Colour : 3/5 stars.
It is a lovely colour, but I am dissapointed that its not nude. The name is a little misleading to me. =(
Its very pigmented though.
Quality : 5/5 stars.
Goes on smooth and creamy.
It looks like a gloss except that it has staying power of a lipstick.
It stays on for like 6 hours provided you don't eat anything. The perfect tip for staying power of lipsticks on your lips is to drink your drinks with a straw. Lol.
Like other lipsticks, you can layer this up for a perfect full coverage.
Very moisturising too.
Scent : Fragranced free.
I am okay with any kind of lipstick; scented or non-scented. I dislike the really scented ones though, and those which have that dough or whatever scent. Ugh!
The thing I love about fragranced free products are that when you accidentaly taste them, you don't taste anything. Yay for fragrance-free!
Price : 5/5 stars.
I almost gave this a 6 too!
Very satisfied. I got them for like 2 for RM9.90, which is like 1 for RM4.95? Which is like $1.50 in USD and 1 pound in GBP?!
Really cheap and worth it due to its really good quality!
Would I repurchase : Yes
I would repurchase this colour as although it is not the nude I thought it would be, its still pretty and its perfect for everyday lips.

Overall, I am satisfied!
Here are the lip swatches :
under yellow light

Gorgeous colour, see?
This is one coat without lip balm.



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  2. oooo i loike the color..but my skin not so fair..
    love silkygirl lipstic too..currently i used Cute. n promoted the color to frens n they like it too.but i just bought Orange Crush.n now i wanna try this color lah!!

    but never get the cheap price. normally almost rm20.