Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happiness Is Love

"Whenever you face problems, think positive. Never look back and think negatively about life, for if you do, you stop yourself in solving your problems and in being happy."
-A lesson in life I just learnt.

Back To August

This is me standing here in front of you saying sorry for that night..
I'll go back to December all the time.
-Taylor Swift, Back To December.

My version :
This is me standing here in front of you wishing you'd come back,
I'll go back to August all the time.
- Me. Lol.

Yes, a nonsensical ramble you just saw.


Yes, I will be reviewing masks!
So excited!
Really loving My Beauty Diary, cos it works!
See you soon!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Love : Eyeko London Lips and Fat Balm Love!

Okay, this review is going to be bombarded with lots of photos.
Reason being?
I am fascinated by the pretty packaging Eyeko gives, as usual. And the products are currently on top of my favourites list!
Recently, I did a huge Eyeko purchase and bought plenty of lip products. Among the London Lips I got for myself was the Mayfair (given to me in a gift pack) , Primrose Hill and Soho ones. Actually, I bought two sets of London Lips but the remaining ones were already given off to friends and family members as birthday presents. I am planning to buy more for friends and family members when Christmas comes. Hooray for Christmas presents!
Anyway, I got the Fat Balms as well. But today I will only do reviews on two new loves, the Eyeko Fat Balm in Raspberry and the London Lips in Primrose Hill.
I promise I will do more reviews on the remaining London Lips and Fat Balms soon!
I will also do nail polish reviews soon! ;)
Firstly, my star product, the London Lips will be reviewed, followed by the fat balm. =)
They come in a set (Pucker Up!) along with the Liptastik in Loudmouth (which I gave to my mum for her birthday -.-), planning to get Loudmouth for myself soon as my mum raves about it.

The gorgeous packaging.

See the specks of gold shimmers? Gorgeous.

Primrose Hill is the best!

So, the moment I received the packaging, I was in awe.
This packaging is really classy. I love the London logos!

The ultra glossy and pretty Primrose Hill.
I can't help gushing about its beauty!

The lip swatch. Me loves!

The moment I took a whiff of this packaging (yes, packaging) I can immediately smell the scent of fresh bubblegum lingering around. Yummy!
Despite being described as sweetly scented with a fruity fragrance, I beg to differ. Honestly, to me there wasn't any fruity fragrance at all. Instead, this smells so bubblegummy, it reminds me of Hershey's Bubble Yum bubblegum in Original. Lol. =)

The description of this flavour is as below :
Primrose Hill
A pretty lilac shimmer for girls on the go. This suits-all shade is ultra flattering.

To me, the swatch in the Eyeko website is slightly different from the one in real life, so yes, you gotta check blogs for this.
The colour of this lip gloss is actually kind of lilac, a dark lilac. This has ultra pretty gold specks in it, making it gorgeous from every lip angle.
Eyeko described this as being non-sticky. Actually, it IS non-sticky, but due to its thick texture, it somehow becomes sticky.

My overall rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
Love the London logos. Love the applicator. You can directly apply the lip gloss to your lips using the slightly sharp solid shape applicator.
The lip gloss is approximately 13.5g, which is decent. I use this everyday, and it is amazing!
Colour : 5/5 stars.
Gorgeous! Although it is something like a dark lilac, it goes pretty clear with a hint of colour and lots of shimmer. I love it!
This, like what the Eyeko website has described, definitely suits every skin tone.
Scent : 5/5 stars.
Honestly, the first time I took a sniff of this lip gloss, I was overwhelmed with the strong sweet scent. However, the moment I applied this onto my lips, the scent sort of 'toned down' and I start to fall for it! This does not have a taste, (I actually expected this to taste like bubblegum, but I was wrong) and I am glad this does not taste eugh! , or what we say, chemical. Cos certain lip glosses smell great but taste so chemical, I would just chuck them into the dustbin as they make me puke.
This smells like bubblegum, so all you bubblegum fans, good news for you! And for me! ;)
Quality : 4/5 stars.
I love this lip gloss so much, I actually use it even at home. I know, crazy me.
The texture of this lip gloss is thick, making it appear sticky, although its not. Trust me, I did a sticky test on this lip gloss and it passed. The only time it appears sticky is when its applied on your lips, as this, like I said, is thick. Therefore, when the wind blows, somehow do expect your hair to stick to your lips, cos it happened to me.
I love the quality of this lip gloss. It is moisturising, super glossy and super shimmery. I received compliments from using this lip gloss.
The staying power is decent. Maximum staying power is 5 hours, provided you just drink water and did not eat.
Price : 3/5 stars.
Now this kind of bugged me. Lol. It is worth $10, which is RM32.
This lip gloss lasts only 6 months after opening, so its like RM5.30 a month? (yes, I actually calculated)
It is kind of worth it, as I love it! And there are other lip glosses more expensive than this. This reminds me of Lancome Juicy Tubes, but I prefer this more.
So overall, I love this! This is my HG lip gloss. ;D
You can buy this here, and use my code E6980 for a free gift!

Next, is also my current love, the Eyeko Raspberry Fat Balm.
I totally love this as this is a MLBB shade. (my lips but better)
I am Chinese, so my skintone is kind of tanned.
Anyway, I totally love love love this shade and I love pairing this up with my Primrose Hill lip gloss.

First, the pretty pretty pictures.

The new packaging!
The description.
SPF 15! (points above excitedly)

Ingredients list.

Now, this has no shimmers in it. It is matte and so, it is perfect as an everyday balm.
The tagline "Does my balm look big in this?" is cheeky. ;D

Description below :
Eyeko Raspberry Fat Balm
Just-bitten lip-look! Keeps lips satin smooth and adds a warm glow to cheeks.

This description is absolutely correct! It gives me a just bitten look on my lips and a blushed look on my cheeks. Reminds me every time I see my boyfriend and sparks fly. *blushes*

Here are my ratings :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
A winner, as usual!
I got used to the fat applicator (hence the name Fat Balm).
Love it!
Colour : 5/5 stars.
My lips but better.
Very warm. Adds a tinge of glow to my cheeks and lips.
I love wearing this to classes and outings.
Quality : 5/5 stars.
With added SPF 15, this is ultra moisturising.
Highly pigmented, another love!
I like that its matte, no shimmer. Perfect for everydays.
I usually pair this up with the London Lips Primrose Hill.
Scent : 2/5 stars.
Okay, this is a slight disapointment. Unlike the Strawberry and Minty ones, which smells exactly like strawberries and mint, this smells kind of chemical. There is a faint scent of raspberries though.
This tastes okay. There is no chemical taste though, thank goodness.
Price : 4/5 stars.
This is the exact same price with the London Lips. RM32, $10.
I think this is kind of affordable as it is a lip and cheek stain.
And you can't really find these in Malaysia. The closest you can get is Stila's stain and Benefit's Benetint.

Overall, I am impressed with this as well. I will be going to summer camp soon so will be promoting this to friends I will be making! ;D

Oh, and more pictures!
Hand swatch.
Lip swatch.

Oh, and a combo of this and the London Lips Primrose Hill!
Gorgeous, eh?

You can get both of this at
Also, use my code E6980 for a free gift with any purchase above $15!
I hope you enjoy Eyeko as much as I do!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Reviews, Soon! (And A Rant of Dissapointment)

I know this blog looks like its dead. -.-
I've been away with applications and things. Life is fast paced, and I've gotta catch up..real fast!
Recently, I did a lot of shopping in terms of make up and skincare products, oh, and haircare too.
Fell in love with the Follow Me shampoo, something I did not expect to happen. Honestly, I kind of thought this shampoo is just blah (I know, evil me) , but I was so wrong. Will try doing a review on that particular amazing shampoo soon!
As for make up, I tried the latest mascara from Silkygirl (its not even found in major pharmacies NOR the Silkygirl website). It's called the Eye Opener Mascara, and I have to tell you I am really dissapointed. I am not sure if this mascara has been discontinued, as I could not find it anywhere. It is affordable and well, the dissapointment was because this mascara practically does nothing but colour your lashes! And its not really waterproof (it claimed to be)! After watching some sob movie, I cried and my eyes looked so panda-ish, I could just die. The packaging of this mascara is attractive. However, there is no description whatsoever on what this mascara does to the lashes. And yes, like the description, it does nothing. Also, the mascara is so clumpy, my lashes looked ugly. -.- However, that does not mean I am no longer a Silkygirl fan. I find most of their products effective (in love with their Lash Prism and Lash Maximizer mascaras!) and affordable. Seriously, this is probably the only dissapointment I have of Silkygirl so far.
I will be posting more reviews, soon!
Taking lots of pictures of the products now. Its going to be so exciting, I promise!