Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Reviews, Soon! (And A Rant of Dissapointment)

I know this blog looks like its dead. -.-
I've been away with applications and things. Life is fast paced, and I've gotta catch up..real fast!
Recently, I did a lot of shopping in terms of make up and skincare products, oh, and haircare too.
Fell in love with the Follow Me shampoo, something I did not expect to happen. Honestly, I kind of thought this shampoo is just blah (I know, evil me) , but I was so wrong. Will try doing a review on that particular amazing shampoo soon!
As for make up, I tried the latest mascara from Silkygirl (its not even found in major pharmacies NOR the Silkygirl website). It's called the Eye Opener Mascara, and I have to tell you I am really dissapointed. I am not sure if this mascara has been discontinued, as I could not find it anywhere. It is affordable and well, the dissapointment was because this mascara practically does nothing but colour your lashes! And its not really waterproof (it claimed to be)! After watching some sob movie, I cried and my eyes looked so panda-ish, I could just die. The packaging of this mascara is attractive. However, there is no description whatsoever on what this mascara does to the lashes. And yes, like the description, it does nothing. Also, the mascara is so clumpy, my lashes looked ugly. -.- However, that does not mean I am no longer a Silkygirl fan. I find most of their products effective (in love with their Lash Prism and Lash Maximizer mascaras!) and affordable. Seriously, this is probably the only dissapointment I have of Silkygirl so far.
I will be posting more reviews, soon!
Taking lots of pictures of the products now. Its going to be so exciting, I promise!

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