Thursday, June 24, 2010

NOTD : L'elan Vital Nail Lacquer in 92076A

Oops, I forgot to rotate the photo. Never mind.
This is the L'elan Vital nail lacquer in 92076A.
It does not have a name.
It's a bronze coloured nail polish with fine glitters. I love!

The not-so-clear swatch. I applied 3 coats for a thick coverage. ;)

This retails for about RM39.90 (?) I'm not sure. I bought it quite some time ago. I just opened it. Lol.

Love : Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Soo, today I would love to review a product raved by many bloggers and people around the world!
That's right. A Lush product. =)
To be honest, this is my first Lush product. I live in Malaysia, so there's no Lush here. I got this from a friend. =D
Before I start, let me introduce you to Lush. Lush is a fresh handmade cosmetics company based from the UK, and is distributed worldwide. Unfortunately, Malaysia is not one of those countries involved. I'm not sure if Singapore has Lush, but I know Australia has Lush. Lol.
When I received my Lush package via mail, I was honestly umm, I don't know how to describe this, but the smell that comes off once I opened the package is heavy. Yes, HEAVY. It has a strong smell. I got the Bubblegum lip scrub and the A Token To The Forest Gods toner tab. I must say, the smell that comes out the moment I open my package is not pleasant. No wonder my best pal from Aussie says Lush stores smell funky. LOL! Anyway.
This is the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. Oh my. This smells uh-mae-zing! I can tell you I love this product. Reminds me of Hershey's Bubble Yum Bubblegum in Original. Basically, this product smells like bubblegum. =)

Cute and simple packaging; I love!
Ingredients list. Guess what! Its VEGAN! Good for you! ;)
Instructions and yes, its made in England.
The expiry date at the bottom of the glass jar. =)

Curious on what's inside?
Sugar love!

So yes, its made entirely of sugar so I'll have to say the price is expensive for a sugar lip scrub.
In case you're wondering about the price, it's a £4.50. So if you convert it to ringgit, it will cost you RM22.50 for a jar of this. So yes, it's expensive judging that it's made entirely of castor sugar and flavoring and jojoba oil.
So here's my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
I love simple, informative yet classy packaging. This packaging comes in a glass jar, and it's pretty. =)
Colour : does not matter.
LOL! Cos once you applied it on your lips, you are either going to lick it off, or wash it out. So yes. Pretty colour though I must say.
Quality : 5/5 stars.
Yes, this lip scrub is of good quality, though I'll have to say its expensive. It really does make my lips softer and smoother. It also scrubs off the dead skin cells on the layer of my lips off effectively. However, its just as good as homemade lip scrubs. (Stay tuned for that)
Price : 2/5 stars.
It's expensive to me, cos sugar's like a few cents, or a few ringgits per pack. And that's like a lot of sugar. This one on the other hand, its like RM22.50 for small jar of sugar. I would not say I will not repurchase this. In fact, I will repurchase this. Tell you why later.
Would I repurchase : Yes!
Although it's expensive, I will repurchase this. BUT, not when I'm in Malaysia. As I might leave for the UK next year, I will repurchase this as I would not have time in making sugar scrubs. This is because I would be busy with university and other things in life. So yeah.
If you are wondering, what's gonna happen to my lips while I'm here. Well, I make my own lip scrubs. I mean, if I can make them here since I have slightly more time, why purchase them for RM22.50 when I can do one for myself for like maybe less than RM10? Right? Right?
Overall, I love this product! Very much. LOL.
Here is my lips before the scrub. (Warning : It's dark and ugly here I don't know why)
With the Bubblegum Lip Scrub :
After the lip scrub. With added lip balm. Lol. I used Maybelline's [LIP] Smooth Botanicals. =)

I hope this review helps.

Do leave a comment if you have any questions.
Stay tuned for my DIY Lip scrub recipe. LOL!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

NOTD : Eyeko's Pastel Polish

Forgive my messy looking nails.
Gorgeous colour, eh?
This is Eyeko's Pastel Polish. Unfortunately, they are sold out in their site.
Loves it!
Eyeko, do bring back these cute bottles! I miss them!

(Note : This product was sent to me by Eyeko due to me winning one of their giveaways. Really nice and generous people. Thank you Eyeko!)

Love : Fasio Lash Style Perfector Mascara

Hey again!
Just bought this mascara few days ago, and I love it!
I have a few mascaras.
My favourite ones are the Eyeko Magic Mascara (elegant lashes!), the Maybelline Volum Mascara (vava vroom lashes!), Avon's One Great Mascara (pretty lashes!), Silkygirl's Lash Prism waterproof mascara and this one. ;)
This mascara is made in Japan.

Just look at the wand! Unique, huh?

Fasio mascaras are fab. I love this one especially. It gives my lashes a natural look.
I love how unique the wand looks like. It actually elongates your lashes, which is wonderful.
Having Asian eyes and not so long lashes, this mascara works in giving my lashes some sort of extension.
The packaging is classy too!
Here's my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
Quality : 3.5/5 stars.
This mascara is suitable for girls who want long lashes. However, a curler is still needed, unlike the Eyeko Magic Mascara and the Maybelline Volum' Express mascara (both mascaras do not require lash curlers!)
I love how my lashes are evenly distributed with the mascara when applied.
Its fragrance free, so yeah!
What I dislike about this mascara is that although its waterproof, which is wonderful, it is difficult to remove! Once I had to remove it like, for ten times til all the product has come out of my lashes. And during the process of doing so, I lost some of my lashes! Ugh!
Price : 3/5 stars.
For someone who isn't working, this mascara isn't really cheap if you have a tight budget when it comes to make up. I bought it for RM49.90.
However, if you searched through Ebay, you might find the same mascara at a cheaper price!

Fasio products are found in Watsons, Guardian, Sasa and any leading supermarkets or pharmacies. =)
So grab your hands on them!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Love : Eyeko Fat Balm in Strawberry.

Okay, as stated in the earlier post, you know how much I love the Eyeko Tinted Cream. ;D
So here's another review on my daily lip balm must-have; the Eyeko Fat Balm.
In my make up bag, there's three lip balms and one lip gloss I can't live without;
The Eyeko fat balm in Strawberry, Eyeko fat balm in Mint, Ecolips in Mint, and Silkygirl Moisture Pout lip gloss in Nude.
The Eyeko fat balm is one of the best tinted lip balms I've ever owned.
Its so versatile; dab it onto cheeks for a fresh looking flush and onto lips for a pretty pout. ;D
I absolutely love the packaging too!

Cute right?

I love how Eyeko does their packaging. =)
Berry berry yum yum.

Omg, so sleek and chic right?
I totally love it!
The Eyeko fat balm in Strawberry is a little too dark for me as I'm slightly tanned.
Which is why sometimes, I will mix this balm with my Eyeko fatbalm in Mint to make it lighter!
For someone who loves nude lippies, this product works fab for me when going out and stuff. I use this on my lips for a daring yet kind of subtle at the same time pout, and also on my cheeks for a natural flush.
So here's my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
Gorgeous! Really classy and I love it!
Colour : 3/5 stars.
A little too dark for me. I love it though. It works for me as a bold colour to my lips. It blends naturally with the colour of my cheeks though.
Quality : 5/5 stars.
Amazing! I love the quality so much! It's really pretty. And shimmery!
Eyeko rocks when it comes to shimmery products especially! =)
It stays on my lips for hours! Its moisturizing too!
Oh and not to forget the berrylicious scent. I loves it!
Price : N/A
I kind of forgot the price as the Eyeko website has discontinued it I think. =( Oh no! That means, I can't repurchase the Mint one if I want to. *sobs.
Would I repurchase :
Yes. But its no longer in stock I think. =( =(

Here's the swatch on my lips :

Yeah. BAD QUALITY. Again.
I really need to get a camera already!
So yeah.
To browse through Eyeko's fabulous products, click here.
Don't forget to use my Ambassador code : E6980 for a free full size gift with purchases £10 and above!
Also, to all yer animal lovers; good news!
Eyeko is against animal testing 100%, so you should quickly grab some of their products now!

Love : Eyeko Tinted Glow Cream =)

Okay. Lol. This is my not-so-first review on Eyeko.
Have been busy with A-levels exams this month. So was kind of busy. =/
Here is a review on my favourite. The Eyeko Tinted Cream.
Loves it so much!
Sorry if the pictures are blur or if the box isn't umm, really boxed? Like it isn't in a perfect shape.
Cos this is my second Eyeko Tinted Cream. (I used up the first within 5 months! Amazing right!)
I just opened up this box after months of storage. =D
Gonna restock on my Eyeko Tinted cream once this is half-used.
Here are the pictures!

Loves the packaging much! xD

Sleek casing. ;)

So pretty right! I love this! This product is made for bronzed to perfection skin.
Although I am slightly tanned, (I'm Asian) I really love this product and honestly, this is my daily must-have besides the Eyeko Cream and Fat Balm.
I use this as a bronzer for cheeks. It gives me a really natural glow. I love it!
So here's the product :
So above is my hand without the Eyeko Tinted Cream. Sorry for the bad quality. I'm using my camera handphone. Saving up for a real camera. Lol.
Here is my hand with the tinted cream on. Notice how shimmery it is? Shimmers! Love!
This is how my hand looks like when I blend in the tinted cream into my skin. Again, sorry for the poor quality. But if you notice, it kind of glows, doesn't it?
The tub is neatly packaged and it has a lid to prevent contamination of any sort. So its awesome. I love it!
Here's how to product looks like. Really dark eh? No worries, it doesn't show up much (the dark-ness) on your skin. Instead, you will look bronzed up to perfection! ;D

The cream on my finger!

What I really like about this product is the formula. It is really moisturizing, in fact, more moisturizing than the Eyeko cream. I will usually blend this onto my cheeks after slapping on some Clinique moisturizer.
I would love it if Eyeko could create a regular day/night moisturizer. ;D
Here is my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
Perfect! Love the packaging! So cute and easily tote-able. I can carry it everywhere!
Quality : 5/5 stars.
Moisturizing. As in really moisturizing. When I first bought this product to try, I was like, "Omg, I'm tanned already. Why do I need a bronzer?" But after swatching it, it has really became my beauty staple. ;)
I also love how shimmery it is. I am a fan of shimmer. Since discovering Eyeko end of last year, I heard from people that they tend to change their products from time to time. In other words, their products are limited edition. So a message to Eyeko if you read this,
Don't stop producing the Eyeko Tinted cream or the Eyeko Cream. I cannot live without them!
I also love the texture of this cream. Its amazing. Good texture. =)
Price : 4/5 stars.
Living in Malaysia, I have to pay for the shipping. And conversion rate's rather high.
It's now like 1 pound equals to 5 ringgit. If you know what I mean.
The price of this is £6, which equals to RM30, minus the shipping costs.
Its worth it actually! So yeah. 4 stars. =D
Would I repurchase : 5/5 stars.
YES! I already did!
Other details :
It's against animal testing. ;)
It contains antioxidants and Vitamins A, C and E. Cool!
It also has Jojoba oil. Hydrating.
Oh, its fragrance free too! Perfect for people with sensitive skin!
Celebrities love it!

So yeah. That's it.
Just log on to to grab hold of this!
It's also sold in a set with the Eyeko cream at £11.
Remember to use my Ambassador code : E6980 for a free full sized gift with any purchase above £10!


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