Friday, June 4, 2010

Love : Eyeko Tinted Glow Cream =)

Okay. Lol. This is my not-so-first review on Eyeko.
Have been busy with A-levels exams this month. So was kind of busy. =/
Here is a review on my favourite. The Eyeko Tinted Cream.
Loves it so much!
Sorry if the pictures are blur or if the box isn't umm, really boxed? Like it isn't in a perfect shape.
Cos this is my second Eyeko Tinted Cream. (I used up the first within 5 months! Amazing right!)
I just opened up this box after months of storage. =D
Gonna restock on my Eyeko Tinted cream once this is half-used.
Here are the pictures!

Loves the packaging much! xD

Sleek casing. ;)

So pretty right! I love this! This product is made for bronzed to perfection skin.
Although I am slightly tanned, (I'm Asian) I really love this product and honestly, this is my daily must-have besides the Eyeko Cream and Fat Balm.
I use this as a bronzer for cheeks. It gives me a really natural glow. I love it!
So here's the product :
So above is my hand without the Eyeko Tinted Cream. Sorry for the bad quality. I'm using my camera handphone. Saving up for a real camera. Lol.
Here is my hand with the tinted cream on. Notice how shimmery it is? Shimmers! Love!
This is how my hand looks like when I blend in the tinted cream into my skin. Again, sorry for the poor quality. But if you notice, it kind of glows, doesn't it?
The tub is neatly packaged and it has a lid to prevent contamination of any sort. So its awesome. I love it!
Here's how to product looks like. Really dark eh? No worries, it doesn't show up much (the dark-ness) on your skin. Instead, you will look bronzed up to perfection! ;D

The cream on my finger!

What I really like about this product is the formula. It is really moisturizing, in fact, more moisturizing than the Eyeko cream. I will usually blend this onto my cheeks after slapping on some Clinique moisturizer.
I would love it if Eyeko could create a regular day/night moisturizer. ;D
Here is my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
Perfect! Love the packaging! So cute and easily tote-able. I can carry it everywhere!
Quality : 5/5 stars.
Moisturizing. As in really moisturizing. When I first bought this product to try, I was like, "Omg, I'm tanned already. Why do I need a bronzer?" But after swatching it, it has really became my beauty staple. ;)
I also love how shimmery it is. I am a fan of shimmer. Since discovering Eyeko end of last year, I heard from people that they tend to change their products from time to time. In other words, their products are limited edition. So a message to Eyeko if you read this,
Don't stop producing the Eyeko Tinted cream or the Eyeko Cream. I cannot live without them!
I also love the texture of this cream. Its amazing. Good texture. =)
Price : 4/5 stars.
Living in Malaysia, I have to pay for the shipping. And conversion rate's rather high.
It's now like 1 pound equals to 5 ringgit. If you know what I mean.
The price of this is £6, which equals to RM30, minus the shipping costs.
Its worth it actually! So yeah. 4 stars. =D
Would I repurchase : 5/5 stars.
YES! I already did!
Other details :
It's against animal testing. ;)
It contains antioxidants and Vitamins A, C and E. Cool!
It also has Jojoba oil. Hydrating.
Oh, its fragrance free too! Perfect for people with sensitive skin!
Celebrities love it!

So yeah. That's it.
Just log on to to grab hold of this!
It's also sold in a set with the Eyeko cream at £11.
Remember to use my Ambassador code : E6980 for a free full sized gift with any purchase above £10!

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