Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love : Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Soo, today I would love to review a product raved by many bloggers and people around the world!
That's right. A Lush product. =)
To be honest, this is my first Lush product. I live in Malaysia, so there's no Lush here. I got this from a friend. =D
Before I start, let me introduce you to Lush. Lush is a fresh handmade cosmetics company based from the UK, and is distributed worldwide. Unfortunately, Malaysia is not one of those countries involved. I'm not sure if Singapore has Lush, but I know Australia has Lush. Lol.
When I received my Lush package via mail, I was honestly umm, I don't know how to describe this, but the smell that comes off once I opened the package is heavy. Yes, HEAVY. It has a strong smell. I got the Bubblegum lip scrub and the A Token To The Forest Gods toner tab. I must say, the smell that comes out the moment I open my package is not pleasant. No wonder my best pal from Aussie says Lush stores smell funky. LOL! Anyway.
This is the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. Oh my. This smells uh-mae-zing! I can tell you I love this product. Reminds me of Hershey's Bubble Yum Bubblegum in Original. Basically, this product smells like bubblegum. =)

Cute and simple packaging; I love!
Ingredients list. Guess what! Its VEGAN! Good for you! ;)
Instructions and yes, its made in England.
The expiry date at the bottom of the glass jar. =)

Curious on what's inside?
Sugar love!

So yes, its made entirely of sugar so I'll have to say the price is expensive for a sugar lip scrub.
In case you're wondering about the price, it's a £4.50. So if you convert it to ringgit, it will cost you RM22.50 for a jar of this. So yes, it's expensive judging that it's made entirely of castor sugar and flavoring and jojoba oil.
So here's my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
I love simple, informative yet classy packaging. This packaging comes in a glass jar, and it's pretty. =)
Colour : does not matter.
LOL! Cos once you applied it on your lips, you are either going to lick it off, or wash it out. So yes. Pretty colour though I must say.
Quality : 5/5 stars.
Yes, this lip scrub is of good quality, though I'll have to say its expensive. It really does make my lips softer and smoother. It also scrubs off the dead skin cells on the layer of my lips off effectively. However, its just as good as homemade lip scrubs. (Stay tuned for that)
Price : 2/5 stars.
It's expensive to me, cos sugar's like a few cents, or a few ringgits per pack. And that's like a lot of sugar. This one on the other hand, its like RM22.50 for small jar of sugar. I would not say I will not repurchase this. In fact, I will repurchase this. Tell you why later.
Would I repurchase : Yes!
Although it's expensive, I will repurchase this. BUT, not when I'm in Malaysia. As I might leave for the UK next year, I will repurchase this as I would not have time in making sugar scrubs. This is because I would be busy with university and other things in life. So yeah.
If you are wondering, what's gonna happen to my lips while I'm here. Well, I make my own lip scrubs. I mean, if I can make them here since I have slightly more time, why purchase them for RM22.50 when I can do one for myself for like maybe less than RM10? Right? Right?
Overall, I love this product! Very much. LOL.
Here is my lips before the scrub. (Warning : It's dark and ugly here I don't know why)
With the Bubblegum Lip Scrub :
After the lip scrub. With added lip balm. Lol. I used Maybelline's [LIP] Smooth Botanicals. =)

I hope this review helps.

Do leave a comment if you have any questions.
Stay tuned for my DIY Lip scrub recipe. LOL!

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