Friday, June 4, 2010

Love : Eyeko Fat Balm in Strawberry.

Okay, as stated in the earlier post, you know how much I love the Eyeko Tinted Cream. ;D
So here's another review on my daily lip balm must-have; the Eyeko Fat Balm.
In my make up bag, there's three lip balms and one lip gloss I can't live without;
The Eyeko fat balm in Strawberry, Eyeko fat balm in Mint, Ecolips in Mint, and Silkygirl Moisture Pout lip gloss in Nude.
The Eyeko fat balm is one of the best tinted lip balms I've ever owned.
Its so versatile; dab it onto cheeks for a fresh looking flush and onto lips for a pretty pout. ;D
I absolutely love the packaging too!

Cute right?

I love how Eyeko does their packaging. =)
Berry berry yum yum.

Omg, so sleek and chic right?
I totally love it!
The Eyeko fat balm in Strawberry is a little too dark for me as I'm slightly tanned.
Which is why sometimes, I will mix this balm with my Eyeko fatbalm in Mint to make it lighter!
For someone who loves nude lippies, this product works fab for me when going out and stuff. I use this on my lips for a daring yet kind of subtle at the same time pout, and also on my cheeks for a natural flush.
So here's my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
Gorgeous! Really classy and I love it!
Colour : 3/5 stars.
A little too dark for me. I love it though. It works for me as a bold colour to my lips. It blends naturally with the colour of my cheeks though.
Quality : 5/5 stars.
Amazing! I love the quality so much! It's really pretty. And shimmery!
Eyeko rocks when it comes to shimmery products especially! =)
It stays on my lips for hours! Its moisturizing too!
Oh and not to forget the berrylicious scent. I loves it!
Price : N/A
I kind of forgot the price as the Eyeko website has discontinued it I think. =( Oh no! That means, I can't repurchase the Mint one if I want to. *sobs.
Would I repurchase :
Yes. But its no longer in stock I think. =( =(

Here's the swatch on my lips :

Yeah. BAD QUALITY. Again.
I really need to get a camera already!
So yeah.
To browse through Eyeko's fabulous products, click here.
Don't forget to use my Ambassador code : E6980 for a free full size gift with purchases £10 and above!
Also, to all yer animal lovers; good news!
Eyeko is against animal testing 100%, so you should quickly grab some of their products now!

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  1. I love this! I really should get another one. :)