Monday, June 6, 2011

Love : Lush Bohemian Soap

I bet everyone's heating up this summer!
I know I am!

Recently, I went to a Lush store near my place and did a little shopping. ;)
I bought a few soap bars and some fizzies.
Donkey Oaty and the Blackberry Bath Bombs smell uh-mae-zing!

Today I'd like to review a refreshing soap I bought from Lush.
It's called the Bohemian soap.

Honestly, I was curious on how it'd smell like, as it's not called "Lemony Glaze" or something. It's called "Bohemian" instead, so it's like, what does bohemian even smell like?
I know this is out of hand, but I am a fan of bohemian dressing.
And as summer is here, mind as well smell like what I dress, right? Right? =)

As you can see, I got this for £3.48.

As the soap is sliced, you can see the inside contents of the soap. Prove of the natural ingredients. =D

Okay so here's what I think of the Bohemian soap :
This soap smells exactly like citrus fruits. Lemons, grapefruits, limes, whatever that brings out the tangy citrusy fragrance.
This is my first time using Lush soaps, however, is not my first time when it comes to Lush products. Previously, I had reviewed the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub which I so love. ;)

This soap does not melt easily with water, something I do not like. However, it does lather up a lot. It deeply cleanses my skin, making it feel squeeky clean after baths.

What I love about this soap :
- It smells fresh. Keeps me awake and alive during days where I'm tired or sad.
- It seriously cleanses. This soap is suitable for deep cleansing.
- I love how the citrusy fragrance lingers after the bath.
- As this soap does not melt easily, I can use this soap for a longer period of time.

What I do not like about this soap :
- It does not melt easily. Well, there's a good point and a bad point.
The good point is this soap will last for a longer time as it does not melt easily.
As for the bad point, I need to rub this over my skin over and over again to form lather. However, once doing this, there will be plenty of foam from this soap.
- It isn't moisturizing.
Yep, my skin cracks worst after bathing. I need more lotion. Pronto.

All in all, I love this soap. I will be purchasing this again, as this soap seriously does a good job in washing away all the oil and grime on my skin. However, I shall need to invest in a good body lotion so my skin would not crack.
As for the price, it is reasonable. Price varies from size and weight.

My overall rating : 6.5/10

Well, that's all for now.
To get your Bohemian soap, go on to now. ;)


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