Sunday, October 17, 2010

Love : Short Post On Eyeko Cream and Ways On Using It!

I'm sorry for the late updates and all.
Have been really busy lately.
Anyway, I'm sure you all know by now that I am a fan of Eyeko's Tinted Cream.
The Tinted version is fabulous! (I will be doing a post soon on ways on using the Tinted Cream!)
The Eyeko Cream (the famous one, yes yes!) is also a favourite of mine.
However, today you will not be seeing a post reviewing it (from me, that is) as I will be reviewing the Eyeko Cream in a week's time. Awww, sad. I know!
Anyway just a short one on the Eyeko Cream. (the actual review will be up in a week's time)
It is a universal cream colour. Universal as in, its perfect for every women of every skintone.
Yay for every women! ;)
I myself am tanned and I'm so glad this cream blends in really well leaving gold shimmers on my skin! :D SPARKLY!

This cream comes in a cute pink plastic tube.
It is frangrance-free, another plus point!
My mum is also a huge fan of this cream as it helps 'revive' her pale skin tone.
I know, mother's fair, daughter's tanned! -.-

These are swatches of the Eyeko Cream blended in!
Trust me, the pictures do no justice.
I will be posting up more and more pretty sparkly pictures of the cream blended in my skin for you guys to see when I do the review soon!
Without flash.
See, no justice!

I know I am somehow late in reviewing and sharing about the Eyeko Cream, as now people are raving about the Eyeko Cream with Extra Glow.
Honestly, I shrieked with excitement when I saw the Eyeko Cream with Extra Glow; as instead of gold sparkles, they contain silver sparkles. And oh, I love silver!
However I am still saving up for it.(as it costs me about $21.50 (?) for a tube with postage. I am currently not having much money with me.) But I promise I will do a review about the amazing one with Extra Glow once I purchase it and got it!

By the way, if you shop with Eyeko, use this code E6980 in order to get a free gift! ;)

Now, I will hop on to ways in using this Eyeko Cream!
I know a lot of you who own the cream probably wonder.. besides highlighting, what else can I do?
Well, let me tell you.. A LOT!
This cream works wonders! And I mean wonders! ;D
So let's start, shall we?
1. Your hair.
Yes, mix this cream with your leave in conditioner and apply this mixture on your hair strands!
DO NOT apply this mixture on your hair roots as we do not like oily scalp!
2. Your cheeks.
Apply this cream onto your cheeks..especially your cheek bones!
3. Your brows.
Make your brows look 'higher' with this cream.
4. Your legs.
Apply this cream to the mid section of your legs. As in, in the middle of your legs. That way, your legs will look really elongated! Hot!
5. Your eyes.
Apply this as a base before applying your shadow. Trust me, its gorgeous!
6. Your shoulders.
Apply this on your shoulders. And wear and off shoulder something.
That way, as light reflects on your shoulders, you will look really bewitching and pretty!
I really love using this trick for parties and gatherings and I get compliments from it!
7. Your belly.
Lol! Yes! When you are out at the beach, apply this right below your bikini. Near the place where your abs are. Or if you are like me, supposed to be.
That way, you will have the beach bod and trust me, people will envy.
8. Your cupid's bow.
Yes, this is a common one. Apply this onto your cupid's bow after applying lipstick.
Your lips will look really pouty aka Angelina Jolie!
9. Your arms.
Apply this onto your arms when you go out!
Make sure you apply to the middle of your arms. That way your arms will look longer.
10. Mix this with your blusher.
If you have a cream blusher, mix this with your blusher and apply it onto your cheeks like how you apply blusher!
That way your cheeks will look ultra shimmery and you will get the Nars Orgasm feel to it due to its gold sparkles.
11. Mix it with your eye shadow.
If you have powder eyeshadow, mix this with your eyeshadow. Make sure this is evenly mixed.
Trust me, your eyeshadow will look fab!

Alright, that's all for now!
Have fun beautifying yourself with the Eyeko Cream!

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