Friday, October 8, 2010

Love : Silkygirl 2-in-1 Protective Top and Base Coat

Hello hello!
Today I will be doing a special review on one of the star products every girl MUST HAVE.
Sadly, this thing is available in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia only. I'm not sure about other countries.
This baby is a really worthy "I don't mind purchasing 10 bottles of these" item.
Yes, its THAT great!
If you are a mani/pedi girl, you will be saving plenty on this worthy item!
Read on to know why..
This is how the star item looks like.
I'm sorry as I do not have any swatches on how shiny this nail polish base and top coat look on nails.

Click to view the ingredients.
As you have noticed, the bottle is half full. Actually, its half empty.
3/4 of the nail polish base and top coat is used.
You know, this star-worthy item proves to us that you don't need to spend more than RM30 for a beauty buy. Good quality things do come in small price tags. ;)

So here's my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars.
Its a base and top coat! I don't mind simple packaging!
Sometimes packaging just don't do, ya' know. Its the quality of the product that matters.
Cos a lot of us women pay for the packaging more than for the quality of the product.
This packaging deserves 5 stars as it is convenient and easy to carry around. =)
Colour : -
Clear. Its a base and top coat!
Quality : 5/5 stars.
This product deserves awards!
It is THE best base and top coat I've ever used!
I love how smooth it applies. How shiny it is and how quickly it dries after application.
My nails look like its fresh out of the nail salon! ;)
I also love how lasting this base and top coat is.
Many bloggers love the Face Shop's base and top coat. I love that one too; but this one is the clear winner!
Price : 5/5 stars.
A clear winner as well. Selling for only RM11.90 at major pharmacies nationwide; this base and top coat is THE quality budget buy to buy! (LOL!)
So yes, it will always be the best base and top coat; EVER!

For International customers, do check and inquire regarding buying this product.

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