Sunday, September 5, 2010

August Must-Haves!

So yes, I know this month is my fave month..September!
But I just gotta shout out my August must-haves!
A lot of them are drugstore brands and cheap; so you get quality and you save money as well!

They are :
- Elianto Nail Color in 34 Light Coral
(amazing amazing quality! RM5 per bottle. You must not miss this!)
- Eyeko Indigo Polish
(I love this so much, its brought everywhere by me!)
- The Face Shop Nail Color in PK105
(Peeps, bright HOT pink is the must-have this season! Go on, express yourself!)
- Silkygirl 2-in-1 Protective Base and Top Coat
(This is the MUST-BUY item! The base and top coat is of good quality and my nails are prepped and protected! Not only that, the shine it gives is wonderful! Super glossy!)
- Sunsilk Co-Creations for Straight Hair protecting leave on (co-created by Teddy Charles)
(I love this hair leave on conditioner! Smells well! I have straight to wavy this leave on conditioner not only tames my frizzes, but also smoothes and softens my hair! You can get this at all pharmacies or drugstores at RM3.20 each!)
- Silkygirl Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara in 02 Dark Brown
(Beauties on a budget, this mascara is THE mascara to buy if you can't afford to spend on Maybelline. They are wonderful alternatives and they lengthen and curl your lashes perfectly!)
- ELF Nail Polish Remover pads
(Although you need two wipes to thoroughly remove all the nail polish from the nails of both hands, I find this item a must-have for the to-go girl, like me!)
- Forever Living Aloe Lips
(RM15 per tube..this lip balm smells nice and applies well. Its multi-purpose for me as this lip balm can help you cure cuts and bruises, as well as protecting dry areas from ..drying?)

I will be updating on my September must-haves!
Thinking of getting a BB Cream..any recommendations?

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