Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary, ekiLove Store!

Finally! My blog has really pretty pictures!
All thanks to ekiLove! *kidding.
Anyway, I am a huge fan of ekiLove and I've been craving for her handmade jewelry.
They are just gorgeous and really pretty handmade pieces.
Don't believe me?
Click here to amaze yourself!
Too bad I'm a Malaysian and I don't know if the items are nickel free. I am allergic to nickel, of all things. *rolls eyes.
So anyway I'm going to tell you guys about a really talented blogger called Eki, and she is going to be celebrating the first anniversary of her EkiLove store!
In conjunction with the celebration, she is giving away these goodies sponsored by and!
Generous much? Yes! ;P

Here's what the winner is going to win!

The lucky one will get :
ekiLove Doll Bow earring
FaceQ face masks
3D Nail sticker
Hair velcro holder bow (CUTE MAX!)

I've been dying to try Lioele since seeing her and Jen from reviewing them and using them. Too bad I can't find them here in Malaysia. :/
(This giveaway is opened internationally! Weeeeee! I hope I win! Lol!)
Giveaway closes 18th September so hurry up!

NEXT up,
if you are a customer for ekiLove, good news for you!
The second giveaway is meant for you!
To reward the loyal customers, ekiLove would like to host this giveaway for you!

Waaaa! I want this so bad!
What you lucky bugs will get :
limited Japanese edition of Coach poppy hair bon bon
Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
smashbox lip glosses
$30 store credit to ekilove

*sighs. Too bad I can't enter this one. :(
To enter the following giveaways, read THIS :)
All the best!

Pretty pictures credits to :

Read her blog! One of the BEST beauty bloggers of all time! (imitates Kanye West) Lol!

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