Saturday, September 4, 2010

Love : Eyeko Indigo Polish for Sultry Nails

Before I start rambling, I should perhaps show you a cute photo I just took with my car and with a precious sticker. ;D
That's right, I'm a full-time Eyeko fan. =)
Indigo Polish with the cool Eyeko sticker!

Alright, now..
Before I start gushing on how much I love this polish, I apologise if you have to suffer from neck pains as you will have to tilt your head sideways from looking at certain photos.
Yes, they are a pain in the a$$!
The reason?
Because they aren't able to rotate. If I rotate, the quality of the picture will rotate as well. As in, the quality will become worse. And who likes bad quality? =/ Not me..

So, here is the queen of the day!
My new love : the Eyeko Indigo polish!
I just made my purchases with Eyeko few days ago and I was so glad they gave me another Indigo! Since the polish expires after six months of opening (short shelf-life, if you ask me), I mind as well get a back up. And I'm glad the people at Eyeko can read my mind! =P

I am a big fan of Eyeko and I love the nail polishes especially. The colours are gorgeous! ;D
I personally like to stand out from the crowd, but being an Eyeko ambassador, I feel the urge in sharing with you guys the awesomeness of this polish!

My camera may rock, but it failed max in capturing the beauty of this polish.
Trust me, this polish is my absolute fave! I've been getting compliments since wearing it few days ago!
Other nail polishes, glare in envy; cos this polish is gonna knock you off! =D

In case you are curious, the Eyeko Indigo polish is a blue-purple polish with lots of shimmers. The shimmers are absolutely amazing and very very very pretty. They somewhat remind me of OPI's Yoga-ta Get This Blue, or maybe, prettier!
I officially can't live without this polish!
With flash. =)
Sorry if the pictures are pretty messy. -.-

So here's my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars
Slim and small. Yet pretty. This is a pretty typical packaging..but what stands out are the labels. The labels are really cute and classy and chic. Yes. They are gorgeous.
Quality : 4/5 stars
The reason why I rated it a four out of five, was because I didn't really like the consistency and texture of this nail polish. I hope they improved the formula. Sometimes, I find it hard to apply the polish as it is kind of thick sometimes, which is bad. The pictures above are four coats of this nail polish. One or two coats ain't enough.
I know I might be a little bias by giving it a four, not a three. Let me tell you why.
One of the reasons why I gave this a four is because although the formula wasn't really a satisfaction kind of thing, the staying power is amazing! I'm having this polish on for a week without topcoat and it is still as it is! A little chip here and there, but yeah..its amazing!
The brush is wonderful too! It applies polish to my nails smoothly. ;D
I'm not really happy with the six months expiry date though..but I assume some of the ingredients are natural? Lol!
I like this polish so much, its in my make up bag! (a first as I don't put polishes in my make up bag..I place them in a drawer catered for polishes.)
Colour : 5/5 stars
Gorgeous! Full stop.
Price : 3/5 stars
The price is about the same with Revlon's nail polishes. Its about £3.50? (RM17.50)
I'm not the type who spends alot on nail polishes. I usually buy Elianto polishes cos they are great too (RM5 each)..but Eyeko polishes are awesome aplenty so its worth the buy!

Would I repurchase?
Already did!

Eyeko is a brand from the United Kingdom and you can purchase their items via
Shipping charges apply.
Use my ambassador code : E6890 at the checkout for a free full-sized gift!


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