Sunday, September 5, 2010

Love : Forever Living Aloe Lips

I have a love-hate relationship with this lip balm.
First..the person who sold me this balm told me its a natural lip balm.
I doubt it.
If its natural, it would not contain ingredients like allantoin. So yea, thankfully, the label does not state that it is 'natural'.
People, please read the label before use. There might be ingredients whereby they can cause reactions to your skin/lips/whatever..and the person selling you the item might boast the item as "100% natural. Suitable for every skin type" Whatever.
So anyway..this lip balm is not natural. But it contains a high quantity (or so I was told) of aloe vera.
Aloe vera is a good fruit. Or plant. It specialises in healing, soothing the skin, smoothing the skin, and so on..
The packaging is simple yet attractive. I like the words "Forever". =)
It contains Jojoba, which is also a good ingredient.

Alright, here are the ingredients (for your eyes only) :

Yes, a lot of snapshots for that. But its just so you know its not '100% natural' like what the salesperson told me.
The reason why I was not happy with this is because a friend of mine, who is allergic to lip products wanted a lip balm as she is going to Russia to study soon.
I bought her a tube of this lip balm as it was claimed to be '100% natural' and suitable for even sensitive lips.
The moment my friend tried on this balm, her lips got worst. It was dry-er. After consulting a doctor, we later found out that she was allergic to some of the chemicals in the lip balm. And since when are chemicals 'natural'? -.-

Anyway I am blessed to have normal skin, so I don't suffer from sensitivities.
Here is the inside of the tube :
Forever Living is a skincare company from the United States of America. Their main ingredient is aloe vera and their products are natural and safe.

Like any typical lip balm, this lip balm moisturises my lips well.
Here is my rating :
Packaging : 5/5 stars
I like simple and attractive packaging. Sometimes packaging plays a part..
I mean, we pay for the packaging too you see.
Quality : 3.5/5 stars
I like the scent. A little sweet and light. I don't know how aloe vera smell like, but yeah.
Like I said earlier, I was not happy with the '100% natural' and suitable for even sensitive lips claim. I don't know with the other Forever Living products, but this one definitely is not natural! Read the label, people!
The texture is like any good lip balm. Its smooth.
If you have sensitive lips, please go for a scent-free lip balm. Seriously.
This lip balm moisturises my lips well. As for staying power, like any lip product, you need to re-apply many times.
I like the fact that this balm can help heal your wounds, cuts and bruises. Somehow this is a miracle worker when it comes to that.
I also like the fact that this balm can conceal my split ends. I rub some on my split ends and wallah! Pretty hair.
Price : 4/5 stars
I like using LipIce lip balms. They cost RM8 each I think and they are good. I think this lip balm is slightly pricey for RM15 per tube. But since its multi-functional (it does not contain menthol, which is drying and not suitable for cuts and bruises) I think this is worth the buy!
Would I repurchase?

If you are interested in this product, email me at and give me your details. I know a seller who sells this lip balm and you guys can get them for RM15 each!
Shipping to Malaysia and Singapore only.

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